Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All New Natural Soy Candles Added to My Votive Holders

Many of you may know about the candle holders I've been making out of the pieces left from carving my bowls but if not check out this blog post from a few weeks ago . This will give you some background on the "River Rock" series of candle holders I carve. These Votive holders have proven very popular with customers who love to display them in bathrooms and nightstands.

I decided recently to look for a candle supplier that could supply locally made natural candles for the candle holders. I found this in "Lotus Soy Candle Co"  of Columbia. Kailey Fleming owns and operates this great local company and makes beautiful products in her own line. I feel the addition of these candles to my products makes my candle holders greener and more locally produced. You can buy replacement candles for my candle holders directly form here at her website.

 I also carve some more traditional looking votive holders in two, three, and four candle styles. These are usually long and narrow. They start out life as odd pieces of cutoffs from irregular boards that are carved, not cut, into these long shapes. This means that every piece has its own unique elements in the spirit of the Japanese art form Wabi-Sabi.  

So folks you can see more of these at my ETSY store and my Artfire shop. In the next few weeks you'll also be able to order these from my own website. If you have any questions you can email me directly or contact me through either of my stores. Feel free to contact with any questions about the candles and the many other candle products she offers. All the best and happy carving....or what ever it is you enjoy.